Friday, February 29, 2008

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Passerby: Hello there, Huh? what's my blogspot?

This is my blogspot loh, lol.

Anon2: Hahahs, No worries babe,
I'm sure you'll be able to do it well after some practice.

Hmm, I'm using Ardell's Waterproof LashGrip Adhesive.
And i just pull them off luh, Although sometimes
i do stick them on my real lashes
& pull my real lashes off accidentally. :x

My humble collection of falsies.
Just threw away a couple of them. hehehe.

Huiyu: Yup, breathless. Do you want the song?
If you want, nudge me online okay!

Anon1: My Le Pliage bag is the medium sized
one with the short handle,
Cost my boyf around 170bucks?

Hahahas, yeah,
Do quite alot of online shopping.
I guess it's because things you buy
online is more exclusive and unique lah.

sometimes when i shop in singapore,
the things i see just don't entice me at all loh.
I LOVE URBAN OUTFITTERS! Hehehe, is nice too.

Sher: LOL! Drama queen ah, You sot sot one luh!

Chase after me with mouse, of cos drama lah!

Cindee: Hey babe, Is it the Seikisho mask white?
Kose got black mask meh? o.0

Felicia: Wahahaha, Majong again, When? Heehehe.

Nana: Hahahas, Lesbo nana, Aiyoh
everything is not confirmed lah my dear!

Bao: That's very cool! Show me leh. hehe.

Joey: Ehhh, pleated skirts ah, I've no idea leh,
I don't really like/wear pleated skirts. Sorry!

G: Hahahas, Eh, That's a very difficult question to answer!
I guess all the techniques of different photographers
will be different so i won't actually compare and
say which one i like more or less luh.

Cos for every shoot, I'll def like more or less
10 pictures of what i like thou.
Good! Leejay is super friendly, hehehehe.
Have fun uh, remember to bring sunblock! :x

Anonnnnn: the Shmack Yakuza Tee,
it's arnd S$52 excluding shipping fee.

Passer: Hahahas, how long is your long!

You mean like long long, long? Lol,
When i had long hair last time i didnt really like it thou.

Amy: Hahahas, oh! finally saw you! Heh.

One picture here from Kensuke @ Labrador Park.
Love the vibrancy of the colours! :D


HAHAHAHAS Yeah i knoooow, it's like 3pm now. :x
I slept at like 7am, cos i was playing majong
with Apple, Shirley and Felicia at Apple's house.

Yesterday was a frigging tiring day luh!
I had to wake up at 7am, prepared and set out
for suntec city convention hall and be there by 8am.
And obviouuuuusly, as expected. I'm late.
I cabbed there and it cost me a whopping S$24.
F.. @#%$@#^%$&!

And why did i have to go there so damn early?
I went to help out for the MOE kids career fair.
I was one of the lollipop girls!
Hahahhas, had to carry a lollipop board and
lead the group of kids from one booth to one booth.

Maaaan, oh man.
It's frigging hilarious that the primary sch
kids look like their primary 3-4!
I would never have guessed that they're primary 6 man.

Anyway, It was damn easy lah,
nothing much to do except bringing them arnd.

But some kids are so idiotic i feel like smacking them.
Tsk, i've totally no patience for kids.

I was like on the phone with JX for like 30-40 mins.
He's coming back to singapore reaaaally soon.
Like 24th march. Really happy man!

It was pretty fun, made a few new friends and stuff. (:
Was glad that most of the people there are pretty friendly!
Will be getting some of the pictures from vicson,
the photographer for the day soon.

Bump into quite afew people yesterday
samantha, janice &friend, samuel yeoh,
and felicia and amy came and look for me
after i'm almost done with the fair.

So we hung out at suntec for abit before we went
over to kovan to look for Shirley and Apple at HK cafe.
I hate HK cafe, Never liked the food there. Boooooo!
Then Shirley damn naggy lah, keep calling and calling and say
things like, "Eh, y'all crawling from jurong or what, so slow!"

So when we reach HongKong Cafe, we ordered and waited for
our food and started crapping about
the saying that Earth is gonna die by year 2040.
Which i think is pretty ugly and scary.

Imagine we're gonna all be wiped out in a
massive flood like the movie "FLOOD"

By 2040, the four of us are gonna be like exactly 50.
Can you imagine dying at the age of fifty,
not exactly frigging old leh!

Omg, i'm sure if it's a flood,
We all are not gonna die pretty man.
Everybody will be bloated and puffy,
dead bodies floating everywhere.
Not a nice sight that is. Ewwww.

And i was like really sad yesterday when i was like,
"omg we're gonna die looking really terrible."

Then shirley was like, "You're sad because later no
"Song-Ka" (which means funeral) for you when you die right!"
then she was like saying i'm siao, whole world die off
already still need funeral for what! Lol!

Hahahahs, then they were like saying imagine
when you're flush away by the flood,
then all the cockroach and lizard also all over!
OMMMMG, that is the most disgusting thing ever.

We talked about alot of our primary school stuff!
And felicia, being my auntie thou
i'm like 2 days older than her (it's complicated. :x)
We like grew up totally so we're like childhood friends.

And she told me when i was really young
i told her some stupid stuff which she remembers loh.

She said last time i told her why my chinese name is shi wen,
"Because my mummy say, when i was born that time,
i'm very very shi wen that's why i'm called shi wen."

I'm such an idiot, hahahas.
I guess kids do say alot of retarded stuff.
I'm so embarassed.

Then yuanqing joined us and she was like
frigging left out cos Shirley, Felicia and me
were all from CHIJ, then we were like yakking
on and on about the past.
It was like so fun lah.

Then we went to play majong at Apple's house!
Play play play from like 1-6am?
It's was my firrrrrrrrst time ever playing majong!
Then they keep @#$%^&* nag and nag
and say i'm SLOOOOOOW.

And i kept zone-ing out and day dreaming,
and they had to always prompt me when it's my turn.
Or else i'll throw out my tiles before i pick my tiles. -.-
1st time mar! What do you expect! Tsk.

And we were like playing until we're all damn grumpy lah!
I got all cranky and one moment i was getting all pouty
and another i'll keep laughing & laughing
for no apparent reason then i got smacked by shirley goh!
So frigging fierce! LOL!

Okay, I'm gonna stop blogggggging & go and be a bookworm.
Rot in bed and reeeeeead for the rest of the night.
I dunno why people don't believe i'm a total bookworm!
Ask my boyf, he can totally vouch for me man.

Goodbyeeeee! :D

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Nana: Hello pretty! Flooded with envy?
For what? Hahahahs.

Passingbynia: Hey babe, Thank you for your compliments. (:
My boyf bought the Le Pliage bag for me
at Paragon's

Anon1: Hahahas, For the millionth time,
Gotta repeat that, i've never ever said that i'm pretty!
And i wouldn't give a damn even if you hate me,
cos you don't even know me babe.
So grow up and don't be lame (:

Bao: Hahahas, Red ants, damn big ones somemore luh!
Freaky little things, Eeeeek!
Hahahahas, hopefully luh! :x
I still think acting could be a wee bit scary.

Passerby: Hey babe,
Could it be Teardrops on my guitar - Taylor Swift?
Hahahas, i don't really rmb. :x

Heeeeello there people,
I've been watching so many movies!
Too many until can't even remember the titles.
Watched Fool's Gold online the other day,
It's not bad, pretty funny.
You guy shd go watch it too.

The other day i had a shoot with a stupid photographer
who wanted to shoot with me last min.
And the amt he quote was pretty high,
alot alot higher than the norm market rates.

So i found it pretty dubious and i brought a
friend along with me to the shoot to be safe.
In the end the damn photographer played me out!
Waited for 1 hour, and msg/call him also don't reply.
Ommmmmmg, Pissed until i wanna explode.
Luckily i had my friend to accompany me,
talked and talked and time passed really quickly.

But after an hour, the girl who found me this
paid assignment told me to forget it and just take off.
Seriously, I don't know what this photographer is thinking.

Girls please be careful,
If photographers quote you like waaaaay high,
And don't allow you to bring friends along and stuff.
Do be careful and always ask for their portfolio for reference.

Here are the photos from
the shoot with
Samuel@ matilda house:

The bathroom at matilda house.
It was damn stuffy and warm and creepy.

One of my favourite in the series.
Photographer named it "fallen angel".

Playful look. Heh.

Credits to: Photographer Samuel Yeoh

I spent a hell lot on online shopping this few days,


Forever 21:

La Senza Loungewear:

Urban Outfitters:

Shmack Yakuza Tee, For my boy.

Snowflake ribbed top
Maroon Croc belt


Red jersey Skirt.

Tomorrow I'll be making breeeeeakfast for my boy,
Then we're gonna go some places. Argh.
Gotta wake up early.
Goodnight darlings! :D

Sunday, February 24, 2008


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Anon2: No luh, You just gotta try and be
more experimental with your eyeshawdow shades,
practicing how to draw your eyeliner than fits
perfectly for your eye shape, how to paste falsies,
and not overload your blusher and look like a clown,
then you're all set! Actually i think if for basic makeup,
no need to go for course one luh.
Just try try try then can alrdy,
Unless you're saying like, you wanna be a MUA
or sth then that's completely different luh!

Min: Hahahas, What there to be envious of my dear?
It's not all glamourous, it's quite alot of tough work
to create nice pictures too.Sometimes like weird,
uncomfortable position you gotta freeze there
for so long before the photographer snaps. o.0
Hahahas, Esp like matilda house,
the floor is seriously dirty and dusty i still need
to sit and pose and lie on the dirty walls.
Lying on glass patches, Which freaks me out!
Maybe you can send your pictures/details to my gmail.

Anon1: Thanks for your sweet compliment dear! =D

Huiyu: Yeah i rmb too, Crazy one loh,
Dunno why last time liek to go school
before the sun even rise!
Then play play play in school in the morning hahahs,
Or else copy homework. :x

Felicia: WAHH, sentosa super long ago alrdy leh.
How was your shoot today? Fun? :D
Passerby: Hahahas, Dunno?
Sculley ask me act as the girl dumping
rubbish into rubbish chute. HAHAHAHAS!

Gwen: Darling meet me when? Tuesday?
Cinnamon bun @ japanese bakery
pretty pu-leeeease! =DDD
I miss you so much, wanna hug you! Hehehe.
Wan: Hahahas, future star. o.0
Don't make me laugh please! HAHAAS

Nel: Which nel are you? Nelson tan ah? LOL!

You guys are gonna be so sick of my face.

Okay, my new mirror from ikea.
I figured i don't to buy such a pretty one
like my previous one since i keep breaking them.
Went to eat crabs with darling that day! :D

Saturday, After my audition at J team production,
Auditioning for the movie "Money Not Enough 2"
Everybody is asking me the same thing,
So i figured i might as well blog it! LOL!

Hahahahas, it was a nerve wreaking experience!
I had to memorize quite alot in like 5 mins.
Which is so hard cos i've really bad memory.
And i was kinda nervous cos it's afterall my 1st attempt.

But the guy who was auditioning me,
said that he's pretty impressed by my performance.
And was quite taken aback that it was my 1st cut in acting.
Hahahas, i took alot of takes lah!
I think like 4-5 takes, cos i keep forgetting my script.
But he was super understanding!

Hahahas, sculley they ask me act as a
dump rubbish girl or sth! HAHAHAS
But everyone's like telling me,
"aiyah everybody also start small one mar!"

Hahahas, okay. Enough said,
Darling came to fetch me and we went to town,
And who'd thought a guy could shop so much!
I thought it's always girls who're
the one who's shopping and the boyf waiting. *Rolls Eyes*
Really, Shoot me. I almost kill myself in frustration
for waiting for like super duper long for him to buy his stuff.

Somemore, he's super not chop chop type one loh.
He must try and try and slowly slowly decide. !@#$%^&
I'm like, get in a shop, nothing to buy, get out,
See sth i like, try, okay like, buy.

I bought a top and a pair of purple suede flats,
And he bought like 5 bags of stuff. o.0

Watch "L, Change the World" at Cine,
We sat at the 1st row man, And super qiao
Sugi and ruth was watching the same show
in the same cinema as us.

Anyway! Here comes the pictures from
Leejay's shoot @ Labrador park:

One of my favourites.

This is so super cool! (Click to Enlarge)

Paper Plaaaaaane~

Can't open my eyes, Hahahas,
So tired lah, wake up so early. o.0

Have a shoot tmr, some abandoned hse @ Holland V area.
Abandoned hse again, walao, creepy creepy!
And i'm like 200 bucks away from my Miu Miu wallet! =DDD
Goodnight darlings! (:

MY NUFFNANG AD on the left!

Thanks loves. :D

Saturday, February 23, 2008

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Jacq: Yeah i heard it's haunted,
But, i went at like 3-7pm,
Still so bright, no ghost one lah!
LOL! Only got hornets,
but the silence is pretty creepy thou.

Anon1: Hey babe, i learnt it by myself.
Are you considering going for makeup course or sth? (:
Video on putting on falsies, Xiaxue did a video on it!

Jasmine: Hello dear! Please get back to me and
tell me when you wanna meet me!

Sher: Lol, tfcd simply means time for CD.
Which is your images lah.

Janice: LOL! Yah loh,
Then can always go ikea to eat Diam cake.
I'm damn scared of school! :x

Felicia: Heheh,
This sunday doing shoot with jesse right?
Show me okay! Btw, sentosa pictures
editted ones you get alrdy?

Winnie: So so cuuute right!
My mum was like, "Come come come
and see mimao, lie with teddy, So cute!"
Hahahas, i pretty much like that too!
the fake snow, lol!

Huiyu: No lah! I'll rmb you mar,
I rmb last time you always come and find yuling and me,
Then ask us to play with you one luh! Hahahs.

Bao: Thanks! I like that series too!
Hehehe. But the red annnnnt.. *Shivers!*

1234: Hey babe, Try,


Jack Neo called me yesterday night & asked me to
go down to his office at 1pm today for an audition
because he said he had a role which suits me. o.0

I'm totally gonna die!
I've never even considered acting!

What if i burst out laughing during the audition,
and make a fool out of myself?!
What if, what if, what if..
And i had to go there alone because my boy had to go to
Mediacorp to check out the new MV for spop!
#@%$#^%@#% I don't wanna go alooooone. ):

Gotta rush to prepare for the audition.
Can i not go? Stressed. ))):

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Anon2: Hey Babe, I got the betsey johnson
bag from Very pretty eh? :D

Anon1: Hahahas, I use MAC pigments,
Shades: Azreal Blue, Teal, Frost (for highlight)
And sometimes i use MakeUpStore's Microshadow
in Shade CityJungle too.

Might do a video/step-by-step guides on
how to do my eye makeup if i'm free anytime soon. (:

Btw, the makeup base i'm using now,
I'm alternatively using Ettusais's
makeup base (Oil Block) With SPF24. PA +++
And Laneige's Starwhite multi protector, with SPF 40. PA +++
But i do prefer the Ettusais one as comparison
to the Laneige's makeup base.

Sher: Eh, i didnt watch chingay leh,
wasn't at home, Sorry!

=D: Hey babe, Please send your details to my gmail.

J-Y: Whoa where you find that! Hahahahas.
Awww man, so sweet. :D

Donavan: Omg uncle,
of all people how come you will know!
Like girl leh you, uncle!

Sher: Darling, you gotta do sth to your hair,
and at least learn some makeup.
Wear contacts or sth and learn to
make yourself more polished okay.
Then i'll find tfcds for you.

Anon1: I plan to take my degree there too,
So yeah, doesn't matter if i can't get
into local uni with the MDIS cert. (:
I did consider SIM, but buisness and science
isn't where my interests lies at all,
So i'd rather study sth i would like i guess? (:
Are you waiting to go into poly too?

Stalker: Hahahahas, Hello stalker.
You're damn cute lah.

Wiinniie: Thanks babe!
Gotta credit the photographers who did a great job! (:

Shilesse: Hahahas, thank you dear!
Btw, our class gathering, no more le ah? ):

Huiyu: Oh! How come you didnt say hello to me!
You know me mar, must say hello! :D
I was dying from the heat,
Went to hide into the shades at cafe cartel
with a nice frosty drink, but still so hot!
Can die from the heat loh!

Ellesli: Hey babe, I got it from a taiwan website in a spree!
It's very cheap, i think like 12 bucks per bottle,
not including shipping fee thou.
I'm not sure about the website link thou, Sorry!

Shihui: Yeah, i was like,
"eh, so familiar, My school one right!"
Then quickly wave wave before you walk away!

I had a shoot at punggol, Matilda house on friday.
You can take a look at the place here if you want!

It's an old, abandoned building and it was like all fenced up.
LOL, So technically, we were trespassing. :x
Had to climb the fence and climb a metal thingy to
the 2nd level cos all the entrance were barred in.
Like adventure loh!

And it reminded me of once when we climbed out
of the school gate and i fell down and scraped my knee!
LOL, Not to mention that my school gate is super
easy to climb! So xia sway that time, omg.

Luckily boyf tagged along, The toilets are really creepy,
so at least he waited for me outside of the toilet
while i had to change out to my 2nd outfit for the shoot.
But after awhile it isn't that creepy actually,
just really really quiet, dark, and warm.

Just got a few pictures from the photographer
Sneak peeks of matilda house shoot:

Credits to Photographer Samuel.

Another shoot on Sunday morning
with Leejay &And Kensuki.
Had to wake up at 6plus to prepare,
Do makeup and make my way to Labrador Park.
I've been cabbing everywhere! Studios, Shoot site,
Cabbing everywhere and wasting all my $$$!

Leejay was like freaking freaking funny and friendly.
Alot of weird weird stuff that made me laugh like crazy!
I was so shy loh, Cos it was my 1st time shooting with him,
I've no idea how he looked like,
And when i arrived at labrador park in the cab,
He helped me open the cab's door cos i was so
clumsy & carrying my bag and heels.

Then i thought he was just a random person
who's nice enough to help me and i thanked him
and walked to the ledge and sat down! :x
And the he came to talk to me and i realise he's leejay.
Please tell me i'm such an idiot.

Okay, here's some sneak previews shots from Leejay!

There were red ants at the area i was sitting at!
I was so so so scared loh! And i got quite afew bites. ):

Click for LARGER view. [:

I was kinda scared when i had to lie down
on ther grass and do this shot.
I mean, I'm totally freaky when i see
worms/insects of whatever,
Not to mention lying on a grass patch that
might have all of the above mentioned crawling all over!

For the sake of nice shots! Sobs.
And it was like 12 noon, you can imagine how glaring it was,
Can't even open my eyes! LOL!

And i had to wake up at 6am the following day,
For a shoot with deadpoet,
And i've to reach clubstreet by 7.30am
for makeup/hair styling. Can die i tell you!
Sleep deprived fidelis was never a morning person!
But the makeup artiste was very funny and cute,
So i had fun. Hehehe.

Then i cabbed to queenstown unicampus to make
payment for my 1st installment for my diploma.
and since i was at queenstown alrdy,
Cabbed over to Alexandra road ikea and had my brunch there.
Yummy yummy, My favourite diam cake. Mmmmm~

Then i spent $140 on a new set of bed quilt,
some teddy toys for my guinea pigs,
new mirror and some nice cushions for deco in my room.

I broke 2 mirrors last year, Janice told me it's super sway.
But no choice lah, I'm too careless and blur!
somemore is not like drop once then break,
is drop afew times then break,
So i should be 48439854 times sway. =\

My Super adorable mimao lying my teddy, sleeping.
They love new toys! :D

Look at my chubby cheeeeeks! *Pinches*

Darling had nights off and we went to eat crabs!
And when we eat crabs,
he always let me have both the pincers
And the boss of the crab place we always go once commented,
"WAHH, you lucky girl ah, boyf let you have all the meat ah."

Hehehehe *grining like a silly fool*
Just ordered this
Chacott finishing powder,
Seems like it's highly raved in japan,
so i wanna get one tub and try it too! :D

I wanna go visit yuling tomorrow with cheena piang YQ,
She finally gave birth to a baby boy!
Omg so scary lah! Imagine the pain,
Siao, i'll nvr wanna have babies!

Okay, Going to sleep now!
Goodnight darlings. :D

Saturday, February 16, 2008


As i've said on my previous post,
I'm super duper busy with shoots this week!

Tuesday - Preshoot with Ejun @ his studio
Wednesday - Actual shoot with Ejun with
other 2 pretty models, Esther, Bianca.
Friday - Shoot with Samuel @ Matilda house
Saturday - Shoot with Merv @ Railway Track
Sunday - Shoot with Jeff @ Punggol
Monday - Shoot with Anthony (Super duper early shoot,
gotta reach the place at 7.30am for makeup! WALAO!)

Some of the images i received from Ejun from the preshoot.

Ejun made this comcard, Super nice luh!

Wednesday was the Blackarts production shoot by Ejun.
With other 2 models, Esther & Bianca.
Very nice and interesting girls! (:

Shirley D. did our make up and hair,
More of creative makeup luh. Very dramatic, art-ish makeup.
Which i think is very cool!
My 1st time doing a creative shoot like this!
Brace yourself, don't get a shock when you see the makeup!

Red lippies! The eyes are drawn so dramatically
that i look so frowny and sad when
i'm actually totally expression-less.

Esther, Bianca, Me!
I'm totally excited to seeing the pictures.


How's everybody's V'day? (:
Was a happy happy day for me hehehe.

I actually miss being in school,
I remember i used to buy like 30-40 stalks of roses,
And give them out to my favourite friends in school.
And when i was Sec 3 & Sec 4.
My boyf would surprise me with a bouquet of 12 roses
when i'm on my way to school.

Then i'll be like carrying the bag of 30-40 stalks of roses,
and the big bouquet of roses arnd school,
and everyone will look at me in envy!
So shy can! :D

My boy wanted to surprise me by asking the
delivery man to send up to my house that morning,
but turned out the delivery was late!
Poor boy was so angry and disappointed with the service.

And when he gave me the bouquet
i was reaaaaally really shocked!
It was a really big bouquet and it's really heavy.
Really heavy loh, no kidding,

We shopped arnd town for the afternoon
and i carried the bouquet in my arms and so
many couples were like looking at us!
Darling was like telling me, hahahas
the other couple, the boyf must be thinking
that leon is an idiot for giving me such a big bouquet,
until the girlf keep looking in envy.

I took like, 10 mins to count the number of roses,
cos i keep losing track! HAHAHAHAH
i know! So retarded!

36 roses in total!
gotta go ask elaine what does 36 roses mean.
I was like asking my boy, what does 36 roses mean?
Then he told me he dunno but he just think buy alot
then will make me a very very happy girlf! :D
So sweet, smoooooochies!

We had dinner at Dozo, Which costed a bomb!
It's like arnd S$220 for the 2 of us.

They took the picture for us.

My Super pretty roses!

I bought darling an Agnes B bling dogtag
& a Bulgari perfume.

Darling let me choose my v'day present and
i picked a Longchamp Le Pliage in Red.

I'm a happy happy girl! :D

Ordered a shimmery gold tote by Betsey Johnson.
Need some big bags for school! School school school!
Btw, somebody asked me which course i enrolled into for MDIS yeah?
I took tourism and hospitality Diploma.

Okay, I'm gonna go watch Coffee Prince, then sleeeeeep.
Or else tmr i'm gonna be super shagged again!
Goodnight darlings! (: